The Spirit of Filgo –

From the summits of Alaska to the trials of war Will Higginbotham was a man that inspired us to rise up to the challenge of life with patience and passion. Will’s inspiration and love for life was seeded in mountains of Alaska and then carried across the world as vagabond warrior.  The realities of war brought a darkness and a light that inspired his growth into the mantra “Life is Good”. As he would eloquently say “life without a challenge is a farce”.  To this end Will became a FILGO ambassador with each climb, skydive, or flying adventure.  This video was produced as part of his final wishes, and serves as a memorial to his life and love for adventure.  With part of his ashes spread in the clouds he is free to ride the winds and whisper in our ears, “FILGO, the journey IS the destination”.

-Bryan Maracle

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